At MT Training’s Kidderminster Training Centre, our commitment to providing top-notch HGV driver training goes hand in hand with ensuring our fleet of vehicles is not just a set of wheels but a group of personalities. Each vehicle, with its own distinct character, is affectionately named, adding a unique touch to our training experience.

Meet Kirsty, one of our prized large tractor units based in Kidderminster. Kirsty isn’t just a vehicle; she embodies reliability, strength, and precision, serving as a symbol of our dedication to excellence in HGV driver training. Her presence on the road is a testament to the quality of education and preparation our students receive.

Today, we’re thrilled to share the success story of a Langdon’s driver, who recently passed his CE 3B test while driving Kirsty. Langdon’s, known for their exceptional delivery of chilled and frozen food consignments across Great Britain, experienced this milestone achievement with Kirsty by their side. A colleague congratulated the driver, Ben, acknowledging Kirsty’s greatness as a vehicle and celebrating Ben’s accomplishment.

At MT Training Kidderminster, our fleet isn’t just a collection of vehicles; each has its own personality and significance in our training programmes. These names aren’t just labels; they represent the strong bond and connection our students develop with their training vehicles.

The decision to name our vehicles was deliberate. It fosters a sense of familiarity, respect, and connection between our students and their training trucks. Our instructors often hear heartwarming stories about the attachment and pride students feel while learning and eventually passing their tests in vehicles like Kirsty.

Behind each name lies a history of dedication, countless hours of training, and success stories. We believe in instilling confidence and a sense of companionship between our students and their training vehicles, which ultimately contributes to their success on the road.

Kirsty, along with the rest of our fleet, represents our commitment to providing a conducive and empowering learning environment. Our vehicles aren’t just tools for instruction; they are partners in the journey of becoming competent and skilled HGV drivers.

As we continue to train aspiring drivers at MT Training Kidderminster, Kirsty and her fellow named vehicles will remain integral parts of our commitment to excellence. Their names signify our dedication to creating a supportive and memorable training experience for our students.

Join us at MT Training Kidderminster and discover the unique bond between our students and their training vehicles. Contact us today to explore our training programmes and start your journey towards becoming a proficient HGV driver with us.