At MT Training Kidderminster, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality HGV driver training, a commitment we’ve upheld since our establishment by Tony Collinson in 2007. Our approach combines expert instruction with top-of-the-line resources, ensuring that every trainee not only meets but exceeds the rigorous demands of professional driving. This week, we are proud to celebrate Damian’s successful completion of his CE 3B test, a testament to the effectiveness of our training programs.

A Legacy of Quality and Expertise

MT Training Services has grown from strength to strength over the years, becoming a key player in specialist driver training across the country. Our head office in Tewkesbury is a DVLA-approved customer site, which allows DVSA examiners to conduct tests right from our facilities. This arrangement ensures that our training is not only precise but also cost-effective, providing our candidates with a significant advantage.

We are also proud to operate additional DVSA-approved sites in Taunton, Birmingham, and here in Kidderminster, and we are continuously working alongside the DVSA to develop more registered sites. This expansion enhances our capability to deliver top-tier training tailored to the needs of both corporate and individual clients.

Modern Fleet and Comprehensive Training

With a modern fleet of over 25 vehicles, which is continually being updated and expanded, MT Training Services is equipped to deliver all categories of vocational training. Our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards to ensure safety and reliability, providing our trainees with the best tools for their education.

Celebrating Damian’s Achievement

This week, we are thrilled to highlight Damian’s accomplishment in passing his CE 3B test. Damian’s success is a clear reflection of his hard work and our commitment to excellence in training. By successfully completing his test, Damian has demonstrated his proficiency in handling heavy goods vehicles and his readiness to tackle the challenges of the road.

Join Us for Premier HGV Training

If you are considering a career in HGV driving or looking to enhance your existing skills, MT Training Kidderminster offers a proven path to success. Our training programs are designed to equip you with the necessary skills and confidence to pass the four-part examination and thrive in your driving career.

Learn more about our comprehensive training offerings and how we can help you achieve your career goals by visiting our HGV training page: MT Training HGV C & CE Training.

Congratulations once again to Damian on his excellent result, and best wishes for a successful and safe driving career. We look forward to welcoming more trainees to MT Training Kidderminster and guiding them towards their own success stories in the dynamic world of professional HGV driving.