We are thrilled to share the outstanding achievement of Mohammed, who has not only passed his CE 3B test but has done so on his very first attempt at MT Training’s Wetherby Training Centre. This is a remarkable accomplishment, and it signifies a bright future in the world of HGV driving for Mohammed.

Recent government changes in HGV driver training have opened new avenues for aspiring drivers. One of the most significant changes is the introduction of the Fast Track C+E course. This course offers candidates the opportunity to fast-track their HGV driving career by skipping the Cat C and proceeding directly to Cat C+E training. This change, implemented in November 2021, has streamlined the process for individuals like Mohammed, enabling them to gain the qualifications they need more efficiently.

As part of these changes, the HGV driving test has also been adapted. It is no longer a single, lengthy assessment but is now divided into two distinct parts:

3a: Reverse and Coupling/Uncoupling – This section evaluates a candidate’s ability to perform critical maneuvers such as reversing and coupling/uncoupling, essential skills for any HGV driver, especially those handling articulated vehicles like Cat C+E.

3b: On-Road Assessment – This part assesses a candidate’s performance on the road, where they are required to demonstrate their proficiency in handling the vehicle, navigating through diverse traffic conditions, and ensuring the safety and security of their cargo.

MT Training Services prides itself on providing top-notch HGV driver training for Category C and C+E tests. We use quality insured training vehicles and have DSA-approved facilities for vocational driving tests. These facilities allow us to offer precise and cost-effective training, which translates into excellent first-time pass rates and ensures that our instructors can deliver a high-quality service.

Our ongoing commitment to excellence has driven us to continually develop our sites and collaborate with the DVSA to open our test centers. This approach not only ensures that we can meet the demand for HGV tests but also demonstrates our dedication to providing the best possible training and testing experience for our candidates.

Mohammed’s success is a testament to his dedication, the efficiency of the new training methods, and the quality of instruction he received at MT Training’s Wetherby Training Centre. We are confident that he will thrive in his career as an HGV driver and look forward to witnessing his future accomplishments.

Once again, congratulations to Mohammed for his impressive achievement. We wish him all the best as he embarks on this exciting journey in the world of HGV driving.

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