At MT Training Wetherby, we are committed to providing top-tier HGV driver training, equipping individuals with the skills and qualifications needed to excel in a high-demand industry. With a great deal of earning potential and a variety of career opportunities, obtaining an HGV licence is a gateway to a rewarding professional journey.

Comprehensive Training for a Dynamic Industry

Whether you’re starting your journey in HGV driving, seeking to enhance your existing skills, or require Driver CPC training, our training programs at MT Training Wetherby cover all your needs. We offer HGV Class 2 and Class 1 licence training, enabling drivers to operate a full range of commercial vehicles.

HGV Training for C & C+E Tests

Our dedicated HGV driver training is designed for both Category C and C+E tests, using quality insured training vehicles to ensure the best learning experience. Recent changes introduced by the government in November 2021 allow new drivers the option of a Fast Track C+E course. This innovative approach enables aspiring drivers to skip directly to Cat C+E, making the path to becoming a fully licensed HGV driver more efficient.

A Closer Look at the Revised Testing Structure

The driving test itself has been revised to better assess the skills and readiness of new drivers. The test now consists of two parts:

• 3a Test: This portion focuses on reverse manoeuvres and, where relevant, coupling and uncoupling procedures. It tests the driver’s ability to handle the vehicle in confined spaces and to manage the equipment used in day-to-day operations.
• 3b Test: The on-road assessment evaluates a driver’s ability to safely navigate roads under various traffic conditions. This includes using vehicle controls, managing speed, dealing with hazards, and more, ensuring that each candidate is road-ready and safety-conscious.

Recent Successes and Commitment to Excellence

We are proud to highlight the recent success of our student, Laura, who passed her Cat C 3b test on her first attempt — a testament to the quality of training provided at MT Training Wetherby. Laura’s accomplishment reflects not only her dedication but also the effectiveness of our tailored training programs.

DSA Approved Facilities and Future Developments

Many of our training facilities are DSA approved for vocational driving tests, which not only makes our training precise and cost-effective but also allows us to maintain high first-time pass rates. We are continually working to develop our sites and expand our capacities, collaborating closely with the DVSA to enhance and introduce new test centres.

At MT Training Wetherby, our goal is to provide each student with the necessary tools to succeed in the HGV industry. If you are considering a career in HGV driving or looking to advance in this dynamic field, we invite you to explore our training programs further. For more information, please visit our website: MT Training Wetherby.

Join us at MT Training Wetherby, where your journey to a successful driving career begins!