Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Worcestershire countryside, Kidderminster, with its rich industrial heritage and strategic road connections, offers the perfect setting for aspiring HGV drivers. At MT Training’s Kidderminster Training Centre, we’ve made it our mission to transform your ambitions into a reality by providing the finest HGV driver training in the region.


Your Gateway to HGV Excellence

Our Kidderminster Training Centre is not just another training facility; it’s a specialist HGV training hub dedicated to nurturing the next generation of professional drivers. We’re proud to be an approved test facility, boasting a marked hardstanding driving pan specially designed for the off-road part of the 3a test. This feature sets us apart and ensures that our students receive comprehensive training that prepares them for every aspect of the test.

A HGV Training Centre Like No Other

As a specialist transport training company, we offer HGV and LGV commercial driver training programs that cater to all levels of experience and skill. Our Kidderminster location is not just conveniently situated outside Kidderminster but also within easy reach of Worcester, Stourport, and Dudley. This accessibility ensures that our students can embark on their training journey with minimal hassle.


Brooklyn’s Triumph: A Recent Success Story

We celebrate each success story that emerges from our Kidderminster Training Centre, and Brooklyn’s achievement is one that deserves the spotlight. A student from Autocraft Stourport, Brooklyn recently passed his CE 3B test with a fantastic result on his very first attempt. His impeccable drive reflects the dedication he invested in his training, and it’s a testament to the high-quality instruction he received at MT Training Services.


A Bright Road Ahead: A Career in HGV Awaits

As we champion Brooklyn’s accomplishment, we look forward to the journey that lies ahead for him and all our students. The road to becoming a professional HGV driver opens the door to numerous opportunities in this thriving industry. Whether it’s long-haul transport, local delivery, or a specific niche within the transport sector, there’s a role for everyone, and a rewarding one at that.

MT Training’s Kidderminster Training Centre provides the ideal platform for individuals looking to excel in the world of HGV driving. Our state-of-the-art facility, expert instructors, and personalised instruction ensure that our students are not just equipped to pass their tests but to thrive in their careers.


If you’re considering a career as an HGV driver, MT Training Services’ Kidderminster Training Centre is the place to embark on your journey. Contact us today to learn how we can help turn your aspirations into accomplishments.

MT Training Services: Guiding You Towards HGV Excellence in Kidderminster and Beyond! 🌟🚛👏