We are thrilled to celebrate the exceptional success of Rob, who has accomplished a significant milestone by passing his HGV CE 3B driving test at MT Training’s Newbury Training Centre. Rob’s hard work, dedication, and determination have led him to this outstanding achievement.

The HGV CE 3B test is a challenging assessment that evaluates a candidate’s ability to operate larger commercial vehicles with a trailer confidently and safely. Rob’s success in passing this test showcases his excellent driving skills and knowledge, and we are incredibly proud of his accomplishment.

As the HGV driving instructor team at MT Training’s Newbury Training Centre, we have had the pleasure of guiding and supporting Rob throughout his training journey. Witnessing his growth and progress has been a joy, and we are honored to have been a part of his success.

Rob’s commitment to excellence and his passion for driving have been evident throughout his training. He has approached each lesson with enthusiasm and a determination to master the necessary skills to become a skilled and responsible HGV driver.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Rob for his well-deserved success. We applaud his dedication and outstanding performance during the HGV CE 3B test. Rob’s accomplishment is an inspiration to all aspiring HGV drivers and a testament to the quality of training provided at MT Training.

As Rob embarks on this exciting new chapter in his driving career, we wish him continued success and fulfillment. We are confident that he will make a positive impact in the transport industry with his exemplary driving abilities and commitment to safety.

Once again, congratulations to Rob for his remarkable achievement. We celebrate his success and look forward to witnessing his continued growth as a skilled and accomplished HGV driver.

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