We are thrilled to share the remarkable achievement of Michael, who recently succeeded in passing his CE 3B test at MT Training’s Newbury Training Centre. Driving our Volvo truck named Zara, Michael has demonstrated exceptional skill and proficiency, following in the footsteps of Sean, whose success in the Cat C 3b test we celebrated earlier this month.

Zara, our distinguished Volvo truck and a named training vehicle, continues to be a symbol of reliability and excellence in aiding learners like Michael to refine their skills and excel in their tests. Michael’s achievement underscores the effectiveness of our training programs and the dedication of our experienced instructors, continuing the legacy of success that Zara represents.

The CE 3B test is a pivotal milestone in Michael’s journey toward obtaining his HGV licence. His accomplishment reflects not only his dedication and hard work but also the quality of training provided here at MT Training Newbury.

At MT Training Newbury, we take pride in offering comprehensive and tailored training programs that prepare learners like Michael for success in their tests. Our instructors are committed to providing guidance, support, and a conducive learning environment to ensure that candidates are well-prepared and confident in their abilities.

We congratulate Michael on this significant milestone and commend his determination in achieving success. His accomplishment in passing the CE 3B test further solidifies the reputation of both our learners and our training programs here at MT Training Newbury.

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Congratulations once again to Michael on his remarkable achievement! If you’re ready to embark on your HGV driver training journey, MT Training Newbury is here to guide and assist you every step of the way.