We are thrilled to extend our congratulations to Anthony for achieving a fantastic feat โ€“ passing the 3B test with flying colors on his very first attempt! This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to your dedication and hard work, and we are delighted to share in your success.


Part 3b Test: On-Road Driving

The 3B test is a pivotal stage in your journey to becoming a skilled professional driver. This on-road driving examination is designed to evaluate your practical road driving skills comprehensively. Here’s a closer look at what the test encompasses:

  1. Vehicle Safety Questions: Before the practical driving portion begins, you will be asked vehicle safety questions. This ensures you have a sound understanding of your vehicle’s safety features and can perform safety checks effectively.
  2. 1 Hour of On-Road Driving: You’ll have a one-hour slot dedicated to demonstrating your on-road driving skills under the scrutiny of an examiner. During this time, you will be evaluated on various aspects of your driving competence.

During the on-road driving test, the examiner will closely observe how you:

  • Use the Vehicle Controls: Showcase your proficiency in operating the vehicle’s controls smoothly and effectively.
  • Move Away at an Angle: Demonstrate your ability to move off at angles, both uphill and downhill, ensuring control and safety.
  • Execute Controlled Stops: Perform controlled stops with precision, emphasizing your mastery of braking and stopping techniques.
  • Use the Mirrors: Utilize the mirrors correctly to maintain awareness of your surroundings, emphasizing safety and awareness.
  • Give Appropriate Signals: Communicate effectively with other road users by providing the necessary signals.
  • Show Awareness and Anticipation: Display your awareness and anticipation of other road users’ intentions, emphasizing your ability to navigate complex traffic scenarios safely.
  • Manage Progress and Control Speed: Effectively manage your driving progress and control your vehicle’s speed, underscoring your safe and proficient driving skills.
  • Deal with Hazards: Exhibit your capacity to address and mitigate potential hazards on the road.
  • Select a Safe Place to Stop: Demonstrate your judgement and decision-making skills by choosing safe locations for stopping.

Passing the 3B test is a substantial achievement, as it reflects your readiness to be a responsible and safety-conscious professional driver. Your proficiency in these essential driving skills is pivotal in ensuring your safety, as well as the safety of your cargo and fellow road users.

Anthony, your remarkable success in passing the 3B test on your first attempt is indeed praiseworthy. It marks a significant milestone in your journey toward becoming a highly competent and safe professional driver. We have every confidence that your career will continue to shine brightly in the world of HGV driving.

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