We are thrilled to announce Jenna’s impressive success in passing her C1 3B test at MT Training’s Tewkesbury Centre. Her outstanding achievement signifies a significant step towards a promising career, and we couldn’t be prouder of her dedication and hard work.

At MT Training Services, we provide specialised and structured C1 training programs for the DSA C1 test, all conducted in meticulously prepared and insured C1 training vehicles. These tests are held at our state-of-the-art facilities located across the South West, making C1 training accessible, cost-effective, and local. This means that candidates like Jenna don’t have to waste valuable time traveling to government-owned test stations.

One remarkable aspect of our C1 training programs is our commitment to supporting emergency services staff. We offer a 10% discount on the training rate for these dedicated individuals. Jenna’s achievement is a testament to the success of our specialised C1 training for emergency services personnel.

During the training, candidates like Jenna benefit from one-to-one sessions conducted in half-day sessions. Our experienced and fully qualified instructors provide expert guidance throughout, ensuring that candidates are well-prepared for the C1 test. Additionally, we offer training for the C1 + E test, enabling C1 drivers to tow trailers when required, thus expanding their capabilities.

One of the key advantages of training with MT Training Services is that our facilities are DSA approved for vocational driving tests. This precision and efficiency in training translate to excellent first-time pass rates, reducing the need to travel to government-owned test centers. This, in turn, empowers our instructors to deliver the highest quality service.

Jenna’s accomplishment represents not only her personal success but also the professional and thorough training provided by MT Training Services. Our structured training programs are carefully designed to prepare candidates for the C1 test and equip them with the skills and knowledge needed for LGV vehicles. We aim to foster excellence and safety in the transportation industry by producing well-prepared, confident drivers.

As Jenna embarks on this exciting phase of her career, having obtained her C1 license, we extend our warmest congratulations. Her achievement is not just a testament to her hard work but also an example of the high standards of training and support available at MT Training Services. Jenna is well-prepared to make a positive impact in her new role, and we’re excited to see her journey unfold.

Jenna, your success is well-deserved, and we’re confident that you’ll continue to excel in your career. Well done, and may your future be filled with safe and successful journeys on the road!

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