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Congratulations to Adam for Passing his 3B Test with Flying Colors!

The Kidderminster instructor team at MT Training is thrilled to extend our warmest congratulations to Adam on his exceptional achievement of passing his 3B test on the first attempt. We commend him for his hard work, dedication, and determination throughout... Read More

Ogbe Passes CE Test First Time at MT Training Services’ Kidderminster Training Centre

We are thrilled to announce that Ogbe passed his CE test first time at our Kidderminster Training Centre, and he was super happy about it! The CE test focuses on reversing and coupling/uncoupling where relevant, and Ogbe was able to... Read More

MT Training Services celebrates Conor’s clean sheet success in C1 test

MT Training Services is thrilled to announce that Conor has passed his C1 test today at our Kidderminster Training Centre with a clean sheet. We are incredibly proud of Conor’s achievement, and we want to celebrate his success with this... Read More