At MT Training’s Kidderminster Training Centre, we take immense pride in providing top-notch training solutions for individuals and corporate clients in the transport industry. Our commitment to excellence extends to a wide range of training programs, including our B + E Trailer Training & Test Courses.

The recent changes in legislation and government guidelines have brought about exciting developments for drivers wishing to tow trailers in the UK. One of the most significant changes is the allowance for all car drivers to tow a trailer weighing up to 3,500kg without requiring an additional test. This welcomed change took effect on 16th December 2021.

Furthermore, as part of these new regulations, all car drivers are encouraged to undergo training to ensure safe and responsible towing of trailers and caravans. This training is a proactive step towards enhancing road safety and ensuring that drivers have the skills necessary to handle trailers safely.

MT Training’s Kidderminster Training Centre is fully equipped and ready to provide comprehensive training for drivers in this category. Our training is conducted in fully insured and prepared vehicles, ensuring a safe and controlled learning environment for all candidates.

Recently, we had the pleasure of providing another Trailer Familiarization course for a candidate from the AA Rescue Services. This course is designed to ensure that candidates are well-prepared to tow trailers confidently and responsibly. Our experienced and fully qualified DSA instructors lead these sessions, providing candidates with the knowledge and skills required to operate safely on the road.

Our commitment to excellence in training is evident in the successful outcomes of candidates like the one from AA Rescue Services. We are thrilled to have played a part in their journey towards becoming proficient trailer-towing drivers.

At MT Training’s Kidderminster Training Centre, we believe that continuous learning and skill development are essential for all drivers. Our training programs are designed to empower individuals and corporate clients with the expertise needed to navigate the roads safely and responsibly.

We look forward to providing more top-quality training experiences and supporting drivers as they embrace the changes in towing regulations. With the guidance of our dedicated team and the expertise of our experienced instructors, we are committed to shaping the future of responsible and skilled trailer-towing drivers.

MT Training’s Kidderminster Training Centre: Your Trusted Partner in Safe and Proficient Trailer Towing!