MT Driver Training

MT Specialist Commercial Driver Training Services

We are based in Gloucestershire and provide professional driver training across Herefordshire and Worcestershire and the midlands. We run Driving Standards Agency test training for commercial LGV & HGV and Bus drivers to B+E, C1, C1+E, C, C+E, D1, D1+E and D tests. Lantra-Awards or RoSPA 4x4, quad bike and ATV driver training courses are available nationally with recognised certification. All of our courses are designed to meet the specific requirements of you, the customer.

Skid Recognition and Correction Training

We offer skid correction training in specially prepared training vehicles which enables the instructor to simulate slippery conditions in a safe controlled environment. This course will teach drivers to recognise the causes of a skid and learn how to master the control of front wheel, rear wheel and four wheel skid, the instructor can adjust the cars handling according to the skill of the driver and gradually increase the severity of the conditions as the confidence and ability of the driver increases. Other dangerous driving conditions such as Aquaplaning and black ice conditions can also be simulated in a safe learning environment.